Michelle's successful, multi-media show, UPFRONTS, is thrilled to be going to the First Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival!! She Executive Produced, Wrote and Stars in the show, that ComedySmack called, "a dead-on parody of Network TV." The cast and crew of the videos are incredible and Michelle and her Director, Mike Shapiro, and her special Chi-Town improv co-star, Stacey Elisabeth, will be packing up all the wigs, boots (and penises) and heading to the awesome stage773.com.

For all the UPFRONTS info click HERE.

Michelle also bid farewell to Late Night with Conan O'Brien where she had been a regular sketch performer for many years. To see what you've missed click here.

A few years back she took the obvious route of writing her first full-length screenplay...in Swedish -- Den Otäcka Amerikanen -- that's The Horrible American to you non Swedes out there -- and this year she finished, Going Dutch, a screenplay in English.

Going Dutch is a broad comedy with kids about the televised fall and rise of swashbuckling weatherman, Dutch Driesen (vintage Burt Reynolds morphed into Thomas Hayden Church with a gut and a 'stache), whose late-1970s heyday was cut drastically short by betrayal and an ill-timed attempt to become the world's first Clown Weatherman on the very eve of John Wayne Gacy's unmasking. Dutch's long and riotous road back to weatherman glory will lead him to reconnect with his successful but uptight daughter, Steve, as they journey to tiny Trippingham, WA in search of redemption.

In the final season of HBOs The Sopranos: Episode 83: Kennedy & Heidi, Michelle played 'Jo Lewis', 'Christopher Moltisanti' (Michael Imperioli)'s publicist for his horror movie, Cleaver. Sadly, they just didn't have the screen time for all of the juicy 'Jo Lewis' antics BUT hopefully Michelle is in the "Deleted Scenes" on the DVD Either way, it was an incredible experience to work with the whole Sopranos cast and crew.

Michelle hosted a couple of shows on the very classy HD channel, GALLERY HD. The first is a show called, Off the Wall with Michelle Maryk, where she interviews museum curators from all over the country about some of their favorite pieces and some secrets about the museum. She also hosted the very popular Opera and an Omelet for GALLERY HD . Co-hosted by NYC Ballet's, John Radwick, Opera and an Omelet features Michelle and John hanging out in PJ's, having brunch, cracking-wise and watching some beautiful operas along with the TV audience.

Check out Michelle's HOSTING REEL and her NEWSCASTER REEL.

Michelle appeared in Cartoon Dump live when it was in NYC. Cartoon Dump is a wildly popular monthly show in LA . It's a warped and hilarious show co-created by one of Michelle's favorite people, SPLEEN Frank Conniff (TV's Frank from MST3K) and features some of the world's worst cartoons. Check it out!!

SPLEEN: Life Lessons from an Inappropriate Drunk was Michelle's last solo live show before UPFRONTS. The debaucherous, boozing, thong-wearing antics of SPLEEN was directed by the hilarious John Reynolds (you UCB fans might know John as "Joe Eszterhas" from "Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever" and as a writer on Craig Ferguson)

Michelle with Frank Conniff
How many Bridal Shower, Wedding and Birthday Party for 1-Year Old invites have you gotten in the past 6 months? Are you sick of it? Get your catharsis on when SPLEEN says all of the things you've only dreamed of saying. Check out the "Birthday Party" segment for yourself!

All of you David Cross worshippers should grab a copy of his documentary/performance DVD, Let America Laugh where Michelle plays his wholesome, slightly Republican wife, Theresa.

Michelle also was the co-anchor of a pilot for BRAVO called This Evening with These People. You Mystery Science 3K fans out there will be thrilled to know that the amazingly smart and funny Frank Conniff was the creator and head writer for the show. It was a blend of The Daily Show and Albert Brooks' Real Life. Bravo ended up passing on the project... poop!

Don't you just love commercials? Michelle can be seen in the following commercial spots: Wendys, Barclay's Bank, MoveOn.Org, Robitussin, Slim Fast, Centrum, Stop & Shop and Bermuda Tourism.

In case you have TiVo and missed them--check out the COMMERCIAL REEL!! Michelle also does a lot of voice-overs for TV and radio --check out her VO REEL!

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