ONE NIGHT ONLY - June 8th @ 8pm!!

"Are you still trying to make sense of this week's fall TV Upfront presentations by the broadcast and cable networks for media and advertisers? Well, allow me to blow your mind with one more. Actually, allow comedian/actress Michelle Maryk to blow your minds with her show, Upfronts, at The PIT."
- Sean McCarthy The Comic's Comic

"Upfronts, comedienne Michelle Maryk's one-woman show, brings audiences along on a fictional TV network's presentation of it's new fall lineup. A mix of live performance and video, it hilariously skewers various TV genres, such as this take on the sexy hospital drama. Catch the next Upfronts at The PIT. "
- Shap Sweeney Comedy Smack

The WLC Network's President and Head of Programming, Tater Simkins, is proud to invite you to her UPFRONTS presentation of her ass-kicking 2012 Fall TV Show line-up. Enjoy glossy, sexy promo videos from her three new TV shows and meet their stars - live and up-close! Tater has come back from a near-death experience at The Philadelphia Zoo (that she will not discuss) and created the greatest TV shows the world has ever seen!

Performed by Michelle Maryk, Directed by film, television and live theatre director extraordinaire, Mike Shapiro,featuring Stacey Smith, and with a star-studded cast in the videos - including star of the big and little screen, Chicago’s own, Amy Landecker! - the shows shamelessly feature hot, lady Doctors making out; ex-80's rock stars exorcising demons from animals; a sitcom based entirely on a dick joke; and an anal-retentive Swedish reality show host bullying lazy Americans to get organized. Did we mention monokinis?

Tater Simkins. It's her network, and she knows how to use it.
DATES: Friday June 8th @ 08:00 PM
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"The "real" Upfronts is when ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS tout their next, greatest, most original programs ever with extended clips of their new shows and live appearances from the stars - all the while kissing the asses of the media and advertisers. The lion's share of these programs wind up being vast disappointments... the glossy, music-video-like medical dramas; the train wreck contestants seen on Project Runway; the cheesy supernatural dramas like Medium; and, the hackneyed-one joke sitcoms that "look" like a documentary - all come to life in UPFRONTS.

For both the video and the live show Michelle collaborated with the wildly talented director, Mike Shapiro. Mike's recent projects include: The Mighty Pencil (2008 Tribeca Film Festival, with SNL's Will Forte and Kristin Wiig), Family Values (official selection, 2007 New York Television Festival, featuring Rob Riggle from The Daily Show), and - premiering on Strike.TV - Global Warming, starring Kristin Wiig and Aasif Mandvi, and Mindy Kaling (The Office).

Together they amassed a stellar crew of about 20 and an amazing cast to shoot the 4 fake videos for 4 fake TV-shows.

"The real network Upfronts presentations were so ripe for satire I had to do something about it. I knew it would be meaningless without very well-produced fake promos for fake TV shows. So Mike Shapiro and I went out and got the best cast and crew we could find and shot some pretty cool stuff. This show is very have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too. Secretly, this show is an elaborate ruse so I can live out my fantasy of dressing up and singing like the lead singer from Whitesnake, David Coverdale." - Michelle Maryk